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Documents Order/Proof of Discharge/Dismissal/Docket Report (if not discharged) Creditor Listing Complete File
Discharge / Dismissal Order/Proof of Discharge Or Docket Report(if not discharged) /
Schedule A to C
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule F
Schedule G
Schedule H
Schedule I&J
Final Decree ( if available on record)
Includes: Discharge /Dismissal Papers – Proof case has been discharged or dismissed OR Docket Report (if not discharged) (2 pages total Includes: Discharge Papers + Schedules D, E, & F. All Creditors included in case (5-7 pages total) Includes: Full Case File – Discharge, Schedules D, E, F, A-C, G-J, and more (25-50 pages total).
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